Rev It Up: The Porsche Experience

I recently had the opportunity to plan an event for my colleagues in the hospitality industry. There is no greater challenge than planning for those that create events every day! The people that experience it all, see it all, know how it all goes down behind the scenes...whoa. There would be nowhere to hide.

With the help of my committee, we decided to offer an extreme experience. With a theme like 'Rev It Up,' we needed all aspects of this event to be a little extra. Not only did we host this at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, GA, but we also provided an experience with professional drivers. This was only the beginning...with major industry speakers Michael Cerbelli and Greg Bogue, the education was on point. We had Richie Nuzz (aka, the hot guy from Katy Perry's TGIF video) providing the tunes. And so many activities: Limerick Writer! Tarot Card Reader! It was important to create a truly memorable experience out of a regular ol' networking event. 

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Jerusalem: My Tops 



Israel is overwhelming to all senses; there is so much to explore, the people rival in Southern hospitality, and the food is mouth-wateringly good. I tried to squeeze every ounce out of my experiences during my time here. Here’s just a few highlights.

Machneyuda: This restaurant is booked months in advance, so start planning. You are instantly welcomed into this tribe of diners, singing loudly and dancing at whim, chefs banging pots and pans to the beat of the music, and a visually stunning presentation of food and drink. Chef Asaf Granit changes his menu daily. Spring for the tasting menu, which is super affordable, and plan to eat entirely too much. 


Music of Israel: Sitting at the bar at Machneyuda, I met an awesome couple from Tel Aviv. We talked in the quieter moments, but mainly danced around in our chairs for a couple of hours. The music playing is so great! Traditional Israeli music is guaranteed to make you smile, wherever you are globally.  Try Yoav Itzhak, Zohar Argov, Eyal Goyan, and Static and Ben El Tavori.

Dead Sea: You float! You really float! While the surrounding area is a bit lacklaster and touristy, the drive from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is a beautiful one that includes, goats, camels, and picturesque scenery. 


Other highlights: In Jerusalem, stay at the understated Mamilla Hotel and check out their rooftop, which is one of the best in the city. 


Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, ME


How does a property climb to the top of my favorite of all time? Without pretention and with an abundance of simple touches. Also, by truly living up to the name. One of the best things about Hidden Pond is how hidden it is from the nearby town of Kennebunkport. 

The experience at this tiny 60-acre property includes your choice of one or two story two bedroom cottages or one bedroom bungalow. Each are unique in design and style. There may be a hammock. Fireplace. Outdoor shower. Screened in porch. Reading nook. Morning bakery baskets delivered to your door. All of this, and we have yet to explore the property.

Beach cruisers are available for your stay, so you can walk and ride to your content across the property. There is The Lodge, where you will unexplainedly visit several times a day--in the morning, perhaps for your coffee and morning news, and in the afternoon, you enter through the back for the Back Porch Bar and your perfectly concocted mojito. When not at The Lodge, you may pass by the farm, where you can take an art class or eat fresh fruits and veggies off the vine. There is also The Tree House Spa, which is literally a tree house! Take a yoga class just outside or visit one of the individual treatment rooms nestled into the woods. 

Have I not yet encapsulated the amazing dream of this property? Perhaps Earth will win you over-- a restaurant worthy of the highest praise. The interior showcases wood cut from the property. A thriving apple tree. A beautiful tower of bottles behind the bar. And the food is brilliant. Simple, rustic, and all local ingredients. 

The people that work at Hidden Pond are some of the most down-to-earth. Do they work? I am still unsure, as I have never seen such happy people anywhere else. The guests are equally as friendly and charming. 

Everyone shares the secret handshake at the end, and promises not to share too much. We can’t have the place changing on us, you hear? 

All photographs by © KRC Marketing- unless otherwise noted.

Photograph by CMC Events

Photograph by CMC Events

If you do find yourself craving less solitude, Kennebunkport is accessible (there is a shuttle that runs from the property into town). You can even spend some of your time at Hidden Pond’s sister property The Tides Beach Club, which makes for a fun night out with ocean views.  Definitely make time for local favorites: The Clam Shack, Allison’s, and catching your own lobstah on a chartered boat.